Flores Gourmet Coffee

Our Flavors

The different blends of Flores Gourmet Coffee reflect our special craftsmanship. Each distinct blend has a slightly juicy quality that comes from its pure, focused flavor, its bright acidity and its clean, refreshing finish. And remember, all our coffees are organic!

Flores Premium

A full-bodied coffee made from only the best premium coffee beans. This blend is a class of its own — the First Class Blend — and only for coffee connoisseurs who only want the best.

Flores Supreme

Wonderful with morning toast and jam, a business lunch or an afternoon snack, this coffee is a welcome companion throughout the day.

Flores Gold

Its slight, dark roast makes this coffee a little bolder, but still mellow and well rounded.

Flores Mild Espresso

One of our most popular blends, this coffee is smooth, suave though a bit assertive. Great for cappuccinos and drip coffee, too.

Flores Italian Roast

Makes a fantastic drip coffee that’s incredible with dark chocolate. Lovers of strong coffee adore its intense & caramel flavor. Makes a bold cup of coffee.

Flores Hazelnut

With great hazelnut aroma, this blend is intriguing yet fun. This coffee is perfect for after-dinner dessert with your favorite tobacco.

Flores Mocca

A blend of famous Flores beans blended with natural Mocha. Its subtle Mocha flavor gives this coffee more body. Very notable taste.

Flores Vanilla

The smooth and sophisticated flavor and aroma of vanilla in a mellow roasted coffee. Perfect for a relaxed cup amongst good friends.

Available in : 70g, 250g and 500g Bags

Kopi Flores

Number one selling blend in the region, Kopi Flores is the embroidment of good and unique “kopi tubruk”.

Available in 10g, 200g and 450g Bags.

FOLKLORÉ Gourmet Syrups

Our superior gourmet syrup from Washington, USA. Please add this product to your coffee drinks and other drinks creation as preferred flavor : Bing Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Butter Rum, Butterscotch, Caramel, Chocolate Mocha, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Strawberry.

'Italian' Hot Chocolate

A traditional hot chocolate from Italy with its Italian style, rich & textures in flavors. An intense sensation of melted chocolate in the mouth.

Our Original Coffee

Original Mandheling

A 100% pure Arabica blend, this coffee is deep and complex, wonderful with dessert and rich enough to drink all by itself.

Original Toraja

From the famous Toraja coffee plantation in South Sulawesi, this coffee has a fruity taste with a slight earthy flavor. Makes a great cup of regular coffee.

Original Robusta

A blend of the finest Robusta beans from the different island of Indonesia. This coffee is bright and welcoming served hot.

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